Academic Board

* By alphabetical order


Cláudio Gonçalves Couto

Graduate in Social Sciences (1991), Master of Political Science (1994) and Doctor of Political Science from Sao Paulo University (2000). He has also a post-doctorate from Columbia University with the support of CAPES (2005-6). Currently, he is adjunct professor at the Department of Public Management (GEP) of FGV-EAESP and a fellow of CNPq’s Productivity in Research – Level 1D. He is also a contributor columnist for Valor Economico Newspaper and adjunct secretary of ANPOCS (National Association of Post-Graduation in Social Sciences).






Francirosy Campos Barbosa  

Graduate in Social Sciences (1994), Master of Anthropology (2001) and Doctor of Anthropology (2007) from Sao Paulo University. Currently, is a researcher and professor of Anthropology in the Department of Social Psychology at Sao Paulo University (FFCLRP). She is coordinator of GRACIAS – Anthropology in Islamic and Arab Contexts Group; researcher for GRAVI –Visual Anthropology Group and of NAPEDRA – Nucleus of Anthropology Performance and Drama. In addition, she is the director of the documentaries: Allahu Akbar; Vozes do Islã (Voices of Islam); Sacríficio (Sacrifice); Círculo de Fogo (Circles of Fire); Allah, Oxalá na Trilha Malê (Allah, Oxalá in the Malê Trail). She is the organizer of the book “Olhares Femininos sobre o Islã” (Feminine Perspectives of Islam – 2010), a fellow of ABA – Brazilian Association of Anthropology and a researcher for Azimuti – Nucleus of Studies in Islamic contexts (CRIA/ISCTE).




Guilherme Casarões  

Doctor and Master of Political Science from Sao Paulo University. Master of International Relations from Campinas University and Specialist of History and Political Culture from the Federal University of Minas Gerais. He is co-author of “A Organização das Nações Unidas” (The United Nations – 2006) and author of many articles and book chapters about Brazilian Foreign Policy, Middle East and multilateralism.





Liza Dumovich

Liza Dumovich is a PhD candidate in Anthropology at Universidade Federal Fluminense (PPGA/UFF), a researcher in the Center for the Middle East Studies (NEOM/UFF) at the same institution and the Coordinator of the Center for the Middle Eastern Studies and Research at Universidade Candido Mendes (CEPOM/UCAM). She is also the Editor of Revista Diáspora, a not-for-profit, independent, and collaborative digital magazine about the MENA region and its diaspora..





Monique Sochaczewski


Professor and researcher for the Post-Graduate Program of Military Sciences at the Meira Mattos Institute (Army Command and General Staff School – ECEME) as a member of the Branch for Studies of Peace and War. Fellow researcher of the School of Social Sciences CPDOC-FGV, working on the project “The Middle Eastern diaspora in Brazil: History, Memory and Politics”. She was also coordinator of the MBA in International Relations of FGV-Rio. She is a Doctor of History, Politics and Cultural Riches from FGV-Rio, having defended the thesis “Brazil, the Ottoman Empire and the International Society: contrasts and connections (1850-1919)”, under the guidance of Professor Matias Spektor and having spent time at Bilkent University (Ankara, Turkey). Graduate of History (1999) and Master of Political History from UERJ (2004).



Paulo Gabriel Hilu da Rocha de Pinto

Research Coordinator of the Anthropology Post-Graduation and of the Nucleus of Middle East Studies of Fluminense Federal University, following three lines of research: Study of Islam in Syria, Study of Islam in Brazil and Study of the Arab identity in Rio de Janeiro. Graduate of History and Medicine. Master of Anthropology of Science and Education. Doctor of Anthropology with focus on Islam and Sufism. He lived in Syria from 1999 to 2001 and has had five books published.