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Artigos Sobre Hizmet e F. Gulen



Articles presented in the conference, “Muslims Between Tradition and Modernity – The Gülen Movement as a Bridge Between Cultures” (Please note that these manuscripts are currently under further editing):

  • Muslims between Islamic and European Legal Cultures, Leonid Sykiainen
  • The Activities of the Gülen Movement in Germany: Actors, Framework,Motivation and Discourses, Bekim Agai
  • A Turkish Solution for a Dutch Problem, Karel Steenbrink
  • Transnational Localpatriotism: The Contribution of the Gülen Movement for the Integration of Muslims in Germany, Ercan Karakoyun
  • Bible and the Qur’an and the Challenges of Today, Anton Wessels
  • Pedagogy and Politics in the Later Works of Al-Farabi, Francesca Yardenit Albertini
  • To talk at cross-purposes? The Role of Comprehension of Religion in the Meeting of Different Religions, Hans-Michael Haußig
  • Culture Bridges as a Chance of Dialogue, Reinhard Kirste
  • Is Inter-Religious Dialogue Enough for Peace in the Future?, Ahmet Muharrem Atlig
  • The Main Thoughts of Fethullah Gülen in his Works, Wilhelm Willeke
  • Bridging Cultures through the Values and Practice of Corporate and Professional Responsibility the Contribution of Fethullah Gülen, Simon Robinson
  • Religious Identity in a Competitive, Pluralistic World: Cultural Capitalism, the Gülen Movement and Religious Education, Reuven Firestone
  • The Gülen-Movement Down Under: Impressions and Findings from Australia, Claudia Derichs
  • Desiderius Erasmus and Fethullah Gülen as Intercultural and Interreligious Bridge Builders, Pim Valkenberg
  • The Concept of Ikhlas in Gülen`s Teachings, Thomas Michel
  • Opposite decision – apostasy as a criterion of religious tolerance, Johann Hafner
  • Social Protection and Islam – Philosophy and Contribution of the Gulen Movement to Social Protection in Turkish Communities in Germany and Australia, Wendy Smith
  • Gülen’s Islamic ethic of the middle way, Gürkan Celik
  • The tradition of religious discussions in Islam and the origin of   the ring parable, Sylvia Powels-Niami
  • The Political in the Religious. About the Interaction of Imperial Politics and the Increase of Islamistic Movements, Michael Lüders
  • Is There any Connection Between Institutional Religion and the Inner Search for God? – Reconsideration of the Philosophical and Theological Difficulties of Religious Fundamentalism, Admiel Kosman
  • Fethullah Gülen and Modern Turkey, Rainer Hermann
  • The Gülen Movement and Science, Michael Blume
  • Conservatism, democracy, and a decolonial option: Reading Fethullah Gülen as a political thinker, Klas Grinell
  • The Role of Education in Transitional Societies. The Case Study of Educators in Kazakhstan, Alice Moscaritolo
  • Violence: From the Perspective of Fethullah Gülen, Ismail Albayrak
  • How to Make Strangers!, Wolfgang Kaschuba[/toggle]


Articles presented in the conference, “Islam in the Contemporary World: The Gülen Movement in Thought and Practice” (Please note that these manuscripts are currently under further editing):

  • Intellectual Development of Fethullah Gülen, Omer Faruk Tuncer
  • Hikma, Hokmah, Sophia as an Abrahamic Ethic for Life, “Fethullah Gülen in Dialogue with the Wisdom Traditions of Judaism and Christianity”, Johnston McMaster
  • The Sentinels on the Parapet of The Consciousness of Fethullah Gülen, John Haughey
  • The Social Background and the Specificities of the Gülen Movement, Gurkan Celik
  • Dialoguing Across the World: Using the Gülen Model to Expand Cultural Horizons of Secondary Students, Tom Gage
  • Incremental Hope: The Gulen Movement in Diyarbakır, Elazığ, and Malatya as a Model for Social Reform, Mark Webb
  • A Muslim and Christian Interfaith Imperative – Stewardship of Creation, Larry Ulrich
  • Interfaith Relations in the Thought of M. Fethullah Gülen, Richard Penaskovic
  • Gülen’s Methods of Interfaith Dialogue, Yetkin Yildirim
  • Then Which of Your Lord’s Blessings Shall We Deny?, Whitney Bodman
  • The Gülen Agenda For Peace, Charles Isbell
  • The Need for Interfaith Dialogue in Kosovo: The Contributions of Gulen Movement, Jeton Mehmeti
  • Family Law and the Changing Role of Women in Moroccan society, Touria Khannous[/toggle]


Articles presented in the conference, “Islam In The Age of Global Challenges: Alternative Perspectives of The Gülen Movement” (Please note that these manuscripts are currently under further editing):

  • Turkish Dance is the joy of existence: Serendipitous Consequences of the Turko-Islamic Gulen Movement, Andrew Achenbaum
  • The Driver in the Mind of Fethullah Gulen, John C. Haughey
  • Religious Freedom in the Baptist Vision and in Fethullah Gülen: Resources for Muslims and Christians, Paul Weller
  • The Importance of Dialogue in a Rooted Conception of Cosmopolitanism Fethullah Gülen, Mohammad Modjtaid Shabestary and Charles Taylor, Mahmud Masaeli
  • Fethullah Gulen and Islamic Literary Tradition, Philipp Bruckmayr
  • Hizmet: From futuwwa tradition to the Emergence of Movement in Public Space, Erkan Togoslu
  • From Gandhi to Gulen: The Habitus of Non-Agressive Action, Mustafa Gürbüz
  • The Significance of the Fethullah Gulen Movement as a Global Educational and Inter-Religious Model of Social and Religious Change – A UK Perspective, Ian Williams
  • The Context of the Gulen Movement: The Exceptional Story of Turkish Islam, Mustafa Akyol
  • The Gülen Movement: A Contextual Analysis of Its Supporters and Critics, Loye Ashton
  • Reductionist Approaches to the Rise and Aims of the Gülen Movement, Muhammed Çetin
  • Australia: Islam and Dialogue: The Gülen Movement in Australia and the Development of A Different Kind of Young Turk, Greg Barton
  • Tolerance as a Source of Peace:  Gulen and the Islamic Conceptualization of Tolerance, Aaron Tyler
  • How Islam is Promoting Liberal Democracy in Turkey: Reflections on the Fethullah Gulen Movement, Nader Hashemi
  • Turkiye: Beyond Post-Islamism: A Critical Analysis of the Turkish Islamism’s Transformation toward Fethullah Gülen’s Stateless Cosmopolitan Islam, Ihsan Yilmaz
  • Dying for a Cause: Youth, Violence and the Gulen Movement–Beyond Tolerance and Dialogue, Jon Pahl
  • Interfaith Dialogue Organizations as Actors of Peace Building, Zeynep Sahin
  • Ending Terror – By Words Alone?, Steve Wright
  • Interreligious Dialogue as A Spiritual Practice, John Borelli
  • Gülen’s Dialogic Sufism: A Constructional and Constructive Factor of Dialogue, Heon C. Kim
  • A Preacher of Piety and Integrity of Action, Lynn Mitchell
  • Gulen Movement: Gender and Practice, Patrick Hallzon
  • Unresolved Concerns of Women in Modern Age: How Does the Gulen Movement Contribute to the Women Question?, Gulsum Gurbuz Kucuksari
  • Progress Through Piety: Sohbetler (Spiritual Gatherings) of the Women Participants of the Gulen Movement, Margaret J Rausch
  • Women in Islam: Muslim Perspectives and Fethullah Gulen, Sait Yavuz
  • An Alternative Approach to Preventing Ethnic Conflict: The Role of the Gulen’s Schools in Strengthening the Delicate Relations Between Turkey and the Iraqi Kurds with Particular Reference to the “Kirkuk Crisis”, Harun Akyol
  • Gulen Schools in East Africa: “The Secular Alternative in Kenya, and a Pragmatist Approach to Development in Uganda”, Mehmet Kalyoncu
  • Education: Sustainable Economy for Global Peace, Phyllis Robinson
  • Turkiye: Islamic Himma and Christian Charity, Ozguc Orhan
  • Charity Activities of the Gulen Movement: “Kimse Yok mu?’ Foundation, Doğan Koç
  • Kimse Yok mu: the Gülen Community’s Fight Against Poverty, Thomas Michel
  • Fethullah Gulen as A Transformational Leader: Exemplar for A New Generation, Karen Fontenot
  • Seeds of Peace: Solidarity, Aid, and Education Shared by the Gulen Movement in Eastern Turkey, Martha Ann Kirk
  • Fethullah Gülen and Global Responsibility, Simon Robinson
  • Redefining “Us” and “Them”: Gulen’s approach to transformation of perceptions between Muslims and non-Muslims, Karina Korostelina[/toggle]


Articles presented in the conference, “Peaceful Coexistence: Fethullah Gülen’s Initiatives for Peace in the Contemporary World” (Please note that these manuscripts are currently under further editing and use this file for the bibliography which is not included in the papers):


Articles presented in the conference, “Islam in the Contemporary World: The Gülen Movement in Thought and Practice” (Please note that these manuscripts are currently under further editing):

  • Interfaith Dialog for Muslims and Catholic Christians, Yetkin Yildirim & Virginia Garrard Burnett
  • Turkish Women and Headscarves:  A Feminist Issue, Jessica Kimmel
  • Inter-religious Dialogue with the Fethullah Gülen Movement, James Ball
  • “Second Rabia’s”  Women’s Gratitude, Compassion, and Altruism, Martha Ann Kirk
  • Spiraling Upward, Toward the Center, Gregory Rieke
  • Understanding the Hizmet Discourse of the Gulen Movement, Mehmet Kalyoncu
  • Giants of Light: Fethullah Gulen and Meister Eckhart in Dialogue, Joseph Rogers
  • Fethullah Gülen: A Vision of Transcendent Education, Charles Nelson
  • The Virtue Of Tolerance: An Aristotelian Approach, Howard Curzer
  • The Noahide Laws and Tolerance, Anne Epstein
  • Gulen Movement and School Financing, Vahap Uysal
  • Civil Society as a Remedy for Conflict: the Kurdish Issue and the Views of Fethullah Gülen, Renat Shaykhutdinov
  • A Contemporary Solution to “New Terrorism”, Hasan Tahsin Arslan[/toggle]


Articles presented in the conference, “Muslim World in Transition: Contributions of the Gülen Movement” (Please note that these manuscripts are currently under further editing):


Articles presented in the conference, “Islam in the Contemporary World: The Gülen Movement in Thought and Practice” (Please note that these manuscripts are currently under further editing):


Articles presented in the conference, “Islam in the Contemporary World: The Gülen Movement in Thought and Practice” (Please note that some of these manuscripts are published in the book, “Muslim Citizens of the Globalized World: Contributions of the Gulen Movement”, Robert A. Hunt (Editor), Yuksel A. Aslandogan (Editor), April 2007, Light Inc. and others are currently under further editing):


Articles presented in the conference, “Islam in the Contemporary World: The Gülen Movement in Thought and Practice” (Please note that these manuscripts are currently under further editing):


Articles that are presented in earlier conferences. Some of these are published in the book, “Turkish Islam and the Secular State: The Gulen Movement”, Syracuse University Press (November 2003) or in the special issue of Muslim World, Volume 95 Issue 3 , Pages 325 – 471 (July 2005).

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